Our story


Welcome To The Razar Family

Since I was a young boy I have always had a passion for cooking. Every Sunday was a day filled with trying out new recipes with my family. As I grew older and more aware of the use for each different knife, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued at the various styles and materials available. The only problem I realised was the lack of quality but the high prices on the market. It was exceedingly difficult to find a store that sold quality knives that were affordable. myself and my father decided the best way to fix that sad reality was to create a store of our own. A store accessible to the world. 

We've always been fortunate enough to share the same passion and love for cooking, so to make the experience that little bit more intense and exciting, we chose to invest our money into delivering the most exquisitely stunning, hand forged knives worldwide. 

Razar has had a continuous level of support and has grown online immensely, becoming known all over the world for the quality, durability and extreme sharpness of our knives. Now, we have a small team of professionals who are working behind the scenes to deliver the optimum shopping experience and flawless customer service. 

We established Razar with a belief that hand-made production will deliver the highest quality to those we value most. Our customers. All our knives are designed in Europe, hand-forged and put through various inspections to exceed our tremendously high standards we continue to pride ourselves on.