Stainless steel Knife set holder

Stainless Steel Chef set knife holder

Modern Display

Display your new knife set with our sleek stainless steel knife holder, perfect your modern and contemporary designed kitchens. This Knife holder works Universally with any of our knife sets.


Made from high-quality stainless steel, this stainless steel knife holder will fight back against the daily exposer to water and debris.

Protect your knives

We have designed this knife block with no touch Technology, with Parallel grooves blades will not come into contact with the other knives in storage. Leaving your knives in perfect condition ready to get back to work in tip-top condition.

Built-in drainage hole

Designed with a small drainage hole in the bottom, no need to worry about excess water build-up after washing your knives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - We offer free worldwide shipping across all our products. Upgraded shipping is available at checkout.

Yes - We offer a lifetime Guarantee against manufactures defects. All orders are also backed with a 30- day money back guarantee.

Our knives are hand-forged by our professional blacksmiths which have over 30+ years experience. Only the highest materials are selected when hand-crafting our knives. Multiple detailed hand inspections are carried out to ensure that it surpasses our exceptionally high standards before leaving our factory.

Delivery usually takes between 6-14 days to arrive depending on your location.

We pride our self on the sharpness of our knives, this is why we use the highest grade materials to ensure our blades stay sharp for as long as possible. If cared for correctly our knives will last a lifetime. Occasional sharpening/horning is recommend to keep the out of box sharpness.

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